Rocco's Vow

“Rocco’s Vow”


Roccos Vow, Evan Schwartz, Acrylic, paint marker, and digital, on acetate, (6"x9"), 2015.



When a gator gobbles up Papà in a Bronx sewer, Rocco vows to eradicate the


species till it exists only as shoes, wallets, pocketbooks, as stuffed

relics in dusty museums.  He studies, moves to the Everglades, kills 2,999


gators, selling their skins on the sly.


Currently, he’s hunting “Ol’ One-Eye Alice.”


Some claim she’s just legend.  Rocco knows she is out there.


Waiting for him.


And Rocco’s ready.

 Ready for anything—except the forty-foot-long Burmese python that finds him.